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arcspace. Modern architecture, by name, for you.
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nice. thanks. here's a nice little firm in milwaukee i bookmarked last week.
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Wow I was *just* looking at this and checking out the Calatrava pages (and trying to figure out how to get into the archives)! Nice link!
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*also bookmarks vetter denk, for when he has saved up enough money for one of their row houses ...*
posted by carter at 10:11 AM on February 29, 2004

did you find the calatrava site? so awesome.

i'm excited to see jean nouvel when he is in town (minneapolis) next month, what an great presence/mind he is.
posted by specialk420 at 11:43 AM on February 29, 2004

I was in Milwaukee in November in 2002. The highlight was definitely a visit to Calatrava's addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum, for a reception. We had a free rein to wander round the building, and they open and closed the 'brise soleil' for us. Even the parking structure underneath was fantastic.

I'd like to see the sundial bridge in Redding, CA; I think the mast will function as a gnomon.
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Thanks for the post!
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not to be confused with arc
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