Entertainment Industry Efforts Bad for Economy
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The New York Times reports: The entertainment industry's pursuit of tough new laws to protect copyrighted materials from online piracy is bad for business and for the economy, according to a report [pdf] being released today by the Committee for Economic Development, a Washington policy group that has its roots in the business world. Finally, some corporate and economic policy recognition that big media's antiquated distribution models cannot and should not be protected with government regulations or government-mandated DRM. Read a summary of the report and its recommendations here [pdf].
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Hell, I coulda' told you that!

Perhaps I should be my very own think-tank?

But seriously, I agree with the report. An old anecdote has Gates and Ballmer saying long ago that if anyone's software was gonna be pirated, it needed to be their software. They understood that market share counts, no matter how you get it. Just like there's no bad publicity in Hollywood, just ask Mel Gibson how the bank account is doing this week.

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