The Workhouse
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The Workhouse 'is an institution that often evokes the harsh and squalid world of Oliver Twist, but its story is also a fascinating mixture of social history, politics, economics and architecture.'
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I thought I may have seen this on MeFi a long time ago, but a search does not yield any results...

Delving into my genealogy of late reveals that more than a few of my own ancestors of a few generations back ended up in some of these institutions, so this has some interest for me personally.
posted by plep at 1:16 PM on March 3, 2004

Thank you, Plep. This feels kind of timely, lately.
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plep, late to the party here but just wanted to say thanks - this is a fascinating site on a lot of levels. It also led to the U.S. counterpart - The Poorhouse Story whish is another historical treasure trove that breaks things down by states.

you find such great stuff, plep!
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