Movies and fonts: together at last!
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The Movie Alphabet Game is harder than it looks. I'm stuck on C, O, U, and X. When you're through with that, try the second one.
posted by Robot Johnny (23 comments total)
You evil evil person: I wasted enough time on the first one without knowing there was a second.

Answers for the first one here
posted by TheophileEscargot at 2:25 PM on March 3, 2004

All right, I got Q, but missed pretty much everything else. I'll try this again when I have more time.
posted by Joey Michaels at 2:25 PM on March 3, 2004

I'm glad I cheated when I only had half of them. I never would have gotten most of the rest.
posted by jpoulos at 2:35 PM on March 3, 2004

Movie Alphabet Game 1
A = Ncbpnylcfr Abj
B = Qnf Obbg
C = Gur Avtugzner orsber Puevfgznf
D = Qenphyn
E = Qrrc Vzcnpg
F = Sbeerfg Thzc
G = Terzyvaf
H = Fyrrcl Ubyybj
I = Nyvraf
J = Phwb
K = Gur Ebpx
L = Yvsr bs Oevna
M = Gur Zhzzl
O = Ncbyyb 13
P = Ebobpbc
Q = TnynklDhrfg
R = Ynen Pebsg: Gbzo Envqre
S = Fvyirenqb
T = GbcTha
U = Phor
V = Gur Shtvgvir
W = Cerggl Jbzna
X = Gnkv (Great film, BTW)
Y = Ynolevagu
posted by digiboy at 2:37 PM on March 3, 2004

Can't get A, E, N, R, X or Y in Movie Alphabet Game #2. Great fun, though.
posted by digiboy at 2:38 PM on March 3, 2004

The A in the 2nd game is Spaceballs...
posted by Robot Johnny at 2:50 PM on March 3, 2004

The fact that I remember the font from Gremlins, but not my phone number from last year, is incredibly disturbing.
posted by scarabic at 3:56 PM on March 3, 2004

For game 2...

A - Spaceballs
H - Hook
J - Space Jam
M - Batman
P - Peter Pan

That's all I got so far. Hmmm....

scarabic, I agree with you completely. It just goes to show what effect vision has over our memory. Well, most of us anyway.
posted by JakeEXTREME at 5:22 PM on March 3, 2004

X is Excalibur, T is Hot Shots. I can't believe I got Hot Shots.
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 5:40 PM on March 3, 2004

I got all but one on the first game but only 3/4s on the second. Neat little game.

I considered putting up the world's toughest movie trivia quiz once (organized by film: miller's crossing, the graduate, etc.) and submitted 30 sample questions to usenet r.a.m.p. and got screamed at because it was too tough (not a single question got answered right), so I decided against it.
posted by dobbs at 5:49 PM on March 3, 2004

G is Grease (game 2)
posted by jpoulos at 7:04 PM on March 3, 2004

If you like this kind of thing, be sure to visit I'm amazed I remembered the Gremlins and HotShots fonts.
posted by Frank Grimes at 7:36 PM on March 3, 2004

Game 2:
B is Life of Brian
C is Total Recall
L is Sliver

man... this thing is evil.
posted by mosch at 10:03 PM on March 3, 2004

So you have that quiz anywhere, dobbs? :)
posted by ODiV at 10:54 PM on March 3, 2004

Still missing E,F,K,N,O,Q,R,S,U and Y on game two and going crazy (especially about F and Y). One's not already mentioned.

D - Dirty Dancing
I - The Saint
V - Seven
W - Willow
Z - Twilight Zone
posted by Flat Feet Pete at 11:48 PM on March 3, 2004

y: think jeff goldblum, bill pullman.
posted by ROU_Xenophobe at 12:19 AM on March 4, 2004

top tip! Thanks. We got F in the end (periodic table, boron), and O (mel gibson). gibber gibber. I can see myself resorting to the sin of forwarding this on to my friends.
posted by Flat Feet Pete at 12:35 AM on March 4, 2004

Still stuck, on quiz #2 on E, F (boron?), K, N, S and U.

What a time waster.
posted by Dreama at 4:14 AM on March 4, 2004

x is taxi a french film written by luc besson
posted by mrben at 5:33 AM on March 4, 2004

The U on Quiz #2 is from The Truman Show
posted by filmgoerjuan at 10:21 AM on March 4, 2004

Hint: The answer to "K" in quiz 2 has two words (and two K's)
posted by pardonyou? at 10:48 AM on March 4, 2004

Movie Alphabet Game 2
A = Fcnpronyyf
B = Yvsr bs Oevna
C = Gbgny Erpnyy
D = Qvegl Qnapvat
E = Fgnefuvc Gebbcref
F = Gur Svsgu Ryrzrag
G = Ternfr
H = Ubbx
I = Gur Fnvag
J = Fcnpr Wnz
K = Xvat Xbat
L = Qba'g lbh Fyvire (Eh? That's including part of the tagline.)
M = Ongzna
N = Fvaqonq (Alternate spelling)
O = Enafbz
P = Crgre Cna
Q = Gur Dhrfg sbe Pnzrybg
R = Pebpbqvyr Qhaqrr
S = Jrfg Fvqr Fgbel
T = UBG Fubgf!
U = Gur Gehzna Fubj
V = frira
W = Jvyybj
X = Rkpnyvohe
Y = VQ4: Vaqrcraqrapr Qnl
Z = Gur Gjvyvtug Mbar
posted by digiboy at 11:49 AM on March 4, 2004

[spoilers for the graduate and miller's crossing in my post]
ODiV, no, the idea went south when everyone I tried it on got a rash. I still remember a few of the Qs though, say, from MC (1. what does rug's assassin steal from him 2. what's the name of the fellow who punches tom while he's in the phone booth? 3. how do you get the perfect shave? 4. what did caspar's kid have for lunch? 5. what time is it when Tom is saved in the woods? 6. what comic strip does Drop read? 7. who edited the film? 8. what's the name of tom's residence (building)? 9. what will the schmata (sp?) kid do if Tom doesn't come up with his money? 10. What song's playing when we first meet verna? etc.)

From the Graduate: what's mrs. robinson's first name? who art directed the film? mrs. robinson and mrs. braddock have a similar stylish feature. what is it? how old does ben turn in the film? what's ben's poison? alfa romeo changed the name of the car that's used in the film after the movie came out. what did they change it to? Mrs. robinson's nude body is first shown how/where? how many different S&G songs are in the film? what does ben do before kissing elaine for the first time? what's he do after? what's the make-out king's first name? which actor's only line in the film is "you want me to call the cops? I'll call the cops."? What color is ben's raft? what award did ben win? what alias does he use at the hotel? hoffman was 30 when they made the film. How old was bancroft?

stupid shit like that. :)
posted by dobbs at 11:28 PM on March 4, 2004

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