Two communities in the American Civil War
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The Valley of the Shadow.

Description: "The Valley of the Shadow is a digital archive of primary sources that document the lives of people in Augusta County, Virginia, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania, during the era of the American Civil War...
...The Valley of the Shadow is different than many other history websites. It is more like a library than a single book. There is no "one" story in the Valley Project. Rather, what you'll find are thousands of letters and diaries, census and government records, newspapers and speeches, all of which record different aspects of daily life in these two counties at the time of the Civil War. As you explore the extensive archive and you'll find that you can flip through a Valley resident's Civil War diary, read what the county newspapers reported about the battle of Gettysburg, or even search the census records to see how much the average citizen owned in 1860 or 1870..."

A very interesting way of presenting history and an impressive testament to the web's potential as an educational tool.
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Wow. Ok, can't look anymore while at work, but damn, there's a lot of stuff on here.
thanks for the link, talos.
posted by Busithoth at 11:03 AM on March 6, 2004

I like this. I like this a lot. Where else can we get (pre-20th century!) primary source material on the Web?

[ this is good ]
posted by skoosh at 5:56 PM on March 6, 2004

What a great find! I live in Augusta County, and am having a fine time browsing through the old Staunton newspapers, exclaiming in recognition at every building and old city family mentioned. Thanks so much, talos.
posted by hippugeek at 6:39 PM on March 7, 2004

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