to blathe, or not to blathe
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Part dictionary, part literature. Often intensely personal, sometimes quite creepy. Not quite Wiki, and not wholly a forum. Must be Blather.
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A little bit heavy on the teen angst (I blame the color scheme), but a great idea with solid execution that's apparently been around since at least '98. I found it in a google search for the word "ouroboros."

Be sure to check out the awesome word association pages.
posted by kaibutsu at 5:00 AM on March 7, 2004

Extremely neato.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 5:10 AM on March 7, 2004

Very interesting...and as mentioned, it is a bit "angsty" and probably very youth-oriented...but still, it's going to be very easy to get lost in that sea of words...oh, how I love words!
posted by davidmsc at 7:11 AM on March 7, 2004

OH how I hate linking. It makes text difficult to read, and it frustrates the ingrained web- surfer in me. Everything2 is worst for this. In a sentence like"And the Queen was later found to be at the centre of a massive scandal". Scandal will be a linked word. But instead of taking you to a discussion of the scandal, it explains what scandal means. Hey! I can read, you know.

This site takes this to lunatic extremes, and hurts my eyes.
posted by bonaldi at 9:37 AM on March 7, 2004

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