Cat and Bunny
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Cat and Bunny [caution: shockwave]: a hare-raising tail of love in the face of all common sense.
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That was well done. Most of the flash animations I see--the animator doesn't really understand editing, setup and payoff, and other elements of visual storytelling. This one obviously does. Thanks.
posted by dobbs at 9:36 AM on March 7, 2004

I enjoyed that one too, and I really liked the song. Any idea who it was?
posted by Zonker at 9:40 AM on March 7, 2004

not shockwave, flash.
posted by jpoulos at 9:45 AM on March 7, 2004

I enjoyed that one too, and I really liked the song. Any idea who it was?

The credits say the song is "Ddutta Keunyuh" by Witches. Whiches? With Cheese? The band name reads like Witches.

Someone who's more familiar with modern Korean slang can maybe explain this better, but the title means something like "she has risen" or "there she goes off".

Anyway, good stuff. Today must be Korean Flash Day.
posted by shortfuse at 9:52 AM on March 7, 2004

I loved that. Very well done.

Good find, SPrintF.
posted by Cyrano at 10:01 AM on March 7, 2004

Aw nuts, there were credits? /goes to get eyes checked.
posted by Zonker at 10:07 AM on March 7, 2004

very good. thanks!
posted by poopy at 11:05 AM on March 7, 2004

There seem to be two styles of drawing in asian cartoons-- it's either the hello kitty style, exemplified by this flash, or anime style. Are there any other styles???
posted by mert at 11:06 AM on March 7, 2004

Where is my cat/bunny apocalypse?
posted by precocious at 11:23 AM on March 7, 2004

Most excellent.
posted by botono9 at 11:38 AM on March 7, 2004

not shockwave, flash.

I've seen that comment made so many times here. Can someone explain the difference?

Anyway, I enjoyed it. Whatever you call it.
posted by AstroGuy at 11:43 AM on March 7, 2004

posted by Busithoth at 11:46 AM on March 7, 2004

The other weird thing I've seen in a lot of internet-available asian animation is using emoticon conventions for the faces. They have some strange characters over there, and if you watch the various expressions of the cat, you'll see that many of them are made up of those characters.

But yeah. Fun two-tone music and animation, thanks.
posted by kavasa at 12:09 PM on March 7, 2004

Pretty cool but at first I thought the music was by this band. How many gypsy polka rock bands can there be?
posted by aaronscool at 1:07 PM on March 7, 2004

It reminds me of Pepe Le Pew (the skunk character in early Warner cartoons) chasing and being chased by a female cat through several episodes. Great find SPrintF!
posted by littlegirlblue at 6:30 PM on March 7, 2004

What's the difference between the Flash and Shockwave Players?

More to the point, the file was an SWF (Shockwave Flash, yes), which runs in Flash. Actual Shockwave-only files have DIR or DCR extensions.

Anyway, that was great -- if only we had a translation! Visual puns far and above the Gilliam-lite that makes up most Flash visual humor.
posted by dhartung at 10:54 PM on March 7, 2004

That actually was excellent. The clothespin on the nose at the end was almost touching.

Nice find, SPrintF.
posted by chicobangs at 11:03 PM on March 7, 2004

This is so groovy. I wish I spoke Korean so I knew what they were saying. My 15 month old son loves this thing, and has made me replay it a dozen times or more...the critters make him very happy, and he dances to the music. :)
posted by dejah420 at 6:34 AM on March 8, 2004 seems to have been removed. Does anyone have a cache of it that they could email me? My son really loves this thing and I didn't think to save it to a drive.
posted by dejah420 at 10:14 AM on March 9, 2004

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