Photographs of Tibetans
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Spirit of Tibet. Photographs of Tibetans both inside Tibet and in exile. [Via Plep.]
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Human Rights Watch has released a new report on a case of the Chinese government's continuing repression in Tibet: The Case of Tenzin Delek.
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That's too bad - I thought the Chinese were mellowing a bit on the repression in Tibet....

I had a strange brush with Tibetan monks once. They entered my life and wouldn't go away. I didn't care - I liked them. But my life was never quite the same after that (another time, perhaps). Weird things started happening : eventually this strange effect went away, but not before it had left me in a very different psychological space.

One of the monks had been tortured for a number of years by the Chinese. He was about sixty five, maybe seventy. Despite all the torture, all I ever saw him do was smile. He spoke no english, but his smile was a pure ray of sunlight. He wore none of the suffering on his past and had nothing but love for the world - or so it seemed to me.

I like all the Tibetans I have met so far.
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Human beings are wonderful.
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I just a few hours ago saw Werner Herzog's new documentary Wheel of Time which is about the a Buddist initiation right as well as a pilgrimage in Tibet. It's wonderful and I highly recommend it.

He really tells the story of the rites and the people by just showing their faces. Hundreds of people pass by the camera during the film and Herzog tries to show all of them. Most of the more powerful moments in the film come from the way Herzog will sometimes just bring the camera right up to their faces as they stare back for long seconds, no commentary, just the lines on their face or what their eyes communicate hold the viewer rapt along with the camera.
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excellent Tibet photography from American expatriate James Whitlow Delano
other fascinating Delano Tibet-related work here and here and here
Delano's own comments here
comments about him here
my favorite Delano image here
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oh, yeah: and of course FREE TIBET

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