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The Bopst Show is a local independent radio broadcast featuring everything from local salsa to Swedish heavy metal to "exceedingly anomalous music from Laos." Instead of just complaining about the sad state of radio today, host Chris Bopst has created a show admired by both music lovers and casual radio listeners. Available online from 6pm to 9pm EST Thurs & Fri.
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Wow, all sorts of nostalgia coming from the capital city tonight. Nice hearing from you again, wren - thanks for the link. It's been a long time since I've listened to 1450 AM, and it's been even longer since I've seen the ol' junkbox!

....and now I will wait to see how long it takes hotdoughnutsnow to pipe up and post his obligatory comment about how "movies were so much better back in the day when they only cost a nickel at the byrd," or about how the Barnes & Noble in Short Pump is responsible for the entire demise of the West End.
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I haven't heard the radio show yet, but Bopst was the DJ at a party I went to last year on the roof of Havana '59 celebrating the release of Style's annual music issue. (The band I was in at the time, which was one of the ones profiled in the issue, is now kaput, but so it goes.)
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Man...I am in Perth right now, missing the 804 something fierce. It's good to read that.

When I was an eager teen, the Holy Rollers came and played in Norfolk at the King's Head Inn...Bopst was my instant hero as the bassist of the Holy Rollers. He and Ed Trask stood outside in the rain to hang out with me and my eager teen friend while we waited for my mom to pick us up. It made is feel so worthwhile, so cool.

As they say here in Western Australia, GoodOnYa, Bopst...
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What?... Thomas Jefferson!... No, I wasn't sleeping, I was, um... what were we talking about?

Ah yes, the West End, and sprawl. Stupid B&N, pushing out the independent booksellers... well, at least I can still go to Chopsticks, on Cary, or that one with the cats in Carytown... it's across from my new favorite wine and cheese and beer shop, near the Byrd. Did you know that movies used to only cost a nickel? Yep, every week, me and Pop would go watch the serials, talkies, we called 'em...

Can't say that I have heard the Bopst Show, but I see his rundown on, and I like the idea of him. Nice to know that Clear Channel hasn't bought AM radio yet, and fired all of the local DJs... R.I.P. WRVA.
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Also see: Radio Free Richmond
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