Stairway to Gilligan
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Stairway To Gilligan by Little Roger And The Goosebumps. The legendary classic resurfaces on the net. Hat tip to Altercation as the ax grinding continues...
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Does anybody else get a red x wher eit looks like the main thing is supposed to be when looking at this link?
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I first heard this from the immense esoteric musical vault that is April Winchell, but it's great to see some follow up on who Little Roger was and a bit about what they were all about.

That '76 SJSU festival sounds like a real freakfest. I wish I was old enough to have gone.
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You can also listen to a RealAudio version here.
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Heh. That song used to be a fixture on "Nightlines", the CBC's weekend indie/alt-rock/eclectic wierdness show. The show had an answering machine request line--you'd phone up (long distance unless you lived in Vancouver), answer a skill-testing question (usually a source of entertainment in and of itself--questions ranged from "What did you have for dinner last night?" to "What was your most embarassing moment?") and make your request. Every week, this woman called Trudy Fruitcake would call and discuss her adventures as a laundromat performer, then her stoner son Danny would try, in vain, to get the DJ to play the actual Led Zep version of "Stairway", and David Wisdom would play "Stairway to Gilligan" or something similar instead.
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I first heard this from the immense esoteric musical vault that is April Winchell,

Me too. That page is awe-inspiring. In addition to Gilligan's Stairway, my favorites include the Mission Impossible/Norwegian Wood, The Star-Spangled Bologna, Mr. Ed sung in German, and Milton Berle singing (if that's the right word) Yellow Submarine. [hotlink protection, no can direct you there]
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Whatever his record company may have thought, I heard Robert Plant on Ffffrrrrresh Air talk about this version, and he was totally down. Though I think he may have preferred the version done by some Swedish Teenage Girls Choir.
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Don't forget A Day in the Life of Green Acres.
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Am I the only one who finds it painful?
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Somebody - Elvis Hitler, maybe? Did "Purple Acres" - or was it "Green Haze"? - namely, the lyrics of "Green Acres" to the tune of "Purple Haze."
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