The ultimate censorship: journalist deaths in 2003
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Journalism is an increasingly deadly profession. Statistics vary. The Committee to Protect Journalists reports 36 deaths in 2003 while the International Press Institute documents 64 deaths. Iraq was the most life-threatening country, but the Philippines and Columbia remain some of of the most dangerous places to be a reporter. Four media deaths at the hands of US military in Iraq continue to spark controversy, and a Global Day of Mourning and Protest over the U.S. "abject failure" to probe the Palestinian Hotel deaths is scheduled for April 8. This year, Haiti appears to be another hotspot. The International News Safety Institute offers safety tips and member advice on how to stay alive.
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OTOH, for going into war zones, it's remarkably safe. Under 100 deaths worldwide.
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Journalism is also increasingly about getting action on film. The closer you get to action, the closer you get to danger.
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Danger Is My Business
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Also, perhaps thugs increasingly understand that the story that gets told is an increasing part of winning the war. So ournalists are no longer seen as aloof heros telling the truth -- they're pawns in the larger war, to be checked when they threaten the story you want, to be deployed (and queened!) when they would tell the story you're looking for.
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