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Lafcadio Hearn to Yakumo Koizumi. One hundred years ago there was a Japanese writer from the West.
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Later archived link.
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Not a double post, but this thread got me interested in Hearn in the first place. Good resource for additional info.
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Wow wow wow. Thank you so much, tfylm.
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Excellent stuff. Lafcadio Hearn wrote some pieces for The Atlantic Monthly, which ran a recent article about his life and works.

Here is a link to a search for "Lafcadio" on The Atlantic Monthly site. The first result is the recent article. Many of the following results link to the actual pieces that Mr. Hearn wrote for The Atlantic.
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Slightly OT, how do you pronounce Lafcadio? There's a Roal Dahl book by that name, and my sister and I used to have immense fights over how to say it.

"laf-CA-dio" or "lad-ca-DI-o"? Or something else entirely?
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"Roald", duh.
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