I can't believe this has never been posted!
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The Museum of Bad Art
posted by anastasiav (10 comments total)
My People! Finally, proof that I'm not alone in my utter badness at being an artist. At least now I know where to will all my canvases when I die. ;)
posted by dejah420 at 8:13 AM on March 15, 2004

The descriptions are priceless!
"Madonna and Child III
A work of undisputed tenderness which places the spiritual above the physical through careful disregard for details of the human form."
posted by kahboom at 8:19 AM on March 15, 2004

Having attended a MOBA exposition, get thyself there, it's amazing.
posted by jearbear at 8:27 AM on March 15, 2004

I can't believe this has never been posted either. One of the funniest moments of my life involves participation in a MoBA auction via cellular phone.
posted by .kobayashi. at 9:00 AM on March 15, 2004

I don't think they're so bad! this piece reminded me of another by one of my favorite artists, modigliani.
posted by mcsweetie at 9:07 AM on March 15, 2004

I make my own bad art. It's easier than going to garage sales.
posted by dogwelder at 9:41 AM on March 15, 2004

To expand on mcsweetie's observation, there is little difference between the bad art in the Museum of Bad Art and the bad art in the Museum of Modern Art. For decades, the Whitney Biennial has been the Sam's Club of bad art. "Contemporary Art" as a category simply means, "bad art." If you want to make fun of bad art, simply walk into either MoMA or the Whitney and point anywhere. I dare you.
posted by Faze at 9:49 AM on March 15, 2004

Bad art? Please.

Warning: Art snob wanking in close proximity.

What's the difference between this stuff and the latest Tracey Emin/Damien Hurst?

Answers on a skinned plastinated pig to:

Up your own arse.

Other than the value judgement of the operators, the site is excellent.
posted by Blue Stone at 9:51 AM on March 15, 2004

No dogs playing poker? No velvet Elvis? No bad art collection is complete without that. : )
posted by SisterHavana at 11:24 PM on March 15, 2004

[This is bad]
posted by brownpau at 7:23 AM on March 25, 2004

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