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Some pig! In September, a Cincinnati artist carved a pig with wings...out of 7,000 pounds of Ivory soap. (It was commissioned by the chamber of commerce for an economic conference.) Now "Sudsie" is being sent on tour to Nicaragua to promote a kids' handwashing campaign.
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i imagine that people might think it's weirder that someone is making a giant pig than that someone carved one with soap.

believe me, it's just something we do in cincinnati. you know how seattle folks have their rain, and maine has their lobsters? we have people who make giant pigs.

other strange things we do? we fuss over chili, we call the airport in kentucky our Cincinnati Airport, we talk about how we're gonna "leave this city when [we] grow up," and we stab people in the face when they mention WKRP.
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We also say "please?" instead of instead of "huh?"
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Do we still carry an old Grippo potato chip bag in our back pocket for good luck?
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I believe that ("please?" instead of "huh?") is due to a large German population - the German version of "huh" is usually "bitte?", literally, "please."
However, we say "huh?" in st. louis, which has its large Geran population...
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