Warning - rocking will not give you free product and could result in death!
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Having difficulty with payroll? Even temp agencies can end up giving you too many or too few employees. Vend-A-Temp has the answer! Major credit cards accepted.
posted by pyramid termite (3 comments total)
It's gone. Here's Google's cache of the mildy amusing home page.
posted by cbrody at 6:41 PM on March 16, 2004

???? I just clicked on it, it was right there. (shakes head)
posted by pyramid termite at 6:46 PM on March 16, 2004

It's back.

Mildly amusing is about right. The concept of disposable employees is pretty old though - many companies consider their employees to be disposable already.
posted by dg at 7:11 PM on March 16, 2004

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