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GUIdebook: Graphical User Interface gallery. Welcome to guidebook, a website dedicated to preserving and showcasing as many Graphical User Interfaces as possible.
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Well shit. Goodbye afternoon. And I had so much on too.
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The emphasis makes me want to pronounce that "Gooey-da-book", or "Gooey, da book".
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Ok, I'm a very sad chap, but the page about installers is brilliant.

I once had a computing teacher who used the Mac's installing wait pointer (a hand opening and closing, a finger at a time) to control his class. If you weren't quiet by the time the hand was done he'd .... well, we never got that far. He was sad, and so am I. Oooh! Longhorn install screen ... purty. Solaris? Ugllly.

And NeXTstep? Hell, Apple's done a *great* job turning that clunker into Mac OS X.
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In a kind of - not really related sort of way, the GUI Olympics is running again this year (the contest was last held 2 years ago). Teams/individuals can submit their most usable/minimalist/creative/etc. IconPackager themes, WindowBlinds themes, and Winamp5 skins (classic/modern). There's a couple of the "bigger names" in the skinning community who have entered early, so there's a few items worth checking out already, even though they'll be accepting submissions until early May.
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This is great. Lots of fascinating comparisons. Check out this very rare instance of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it": The Mac calculator UI didn't change by a pixel for 8 major revisions of the OS. If that were only true for most apps, oh happy world...
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The GUI Timeline is similar and goes back as far as 1973.
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Very cool. I really, REALLY miss the old Mac OS.

RIP, Clarus.
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[very good]
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It's like looking at an old yearbook, and realizing that even though everyone overlooked BeOS for the more popular girls, she was the most beautiful, without a doubt.

Dear god, I'm a dork.
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gwint: The calculator interface was created by Jobs himself.
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