Dennis Miller explained...
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Dennis Miller explained... How many football fans will check this on Tuesday mornings to find out what the hell he's talking about?
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I rarely have any problems understanding Mr. Miller. Those of us who watch MNF and just don't get it would do well to use this service. The worse that could happen is that we learn something.
Knowledge is power!
posted by black8 at 2:03 AM on September 9, 2000

What Britannica might have meant: Facetiouly implying that their writers are on a par with Miller, they only highlighted the fact that there aren't all that many people as funny as Dennis, even with the luxury of having time to write it all down...
posted by baylink at 12:42 PM on September 9, 2000

With Dennis Miller's arrival on monday night football he seems to have shown up in the public eye largely as a person who makes lots of references to obscure facts. I don't know where this came from and I think people are missing the point. If he were just trying to be obscure, it wouldn't be funny; his monologues are based more on unexpected similes and a strict refusal to take anything seriously than on showing off some body of arcana.

Then again, I don't watch monday night football, so maybe that IS what he's doing on that show, and it's different than his HBO series. Dunno. :-)


posted by Mars Saxman at 1:53 PM on September 9, 2000

I think the Britannica bit is hilarious. Some poor, underpaid slob has to hump the Encyclopedia all day, yet still manages to come up with this. What a great way to get publicity and promote the product. had a similar take, but I like Britannica's approach better.
posted by luke at 6:59 PM on September 10, 2000

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