New Doctor Who announced
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Christopher Ecclestone is The Doctor. The BBC have announced it on the tv news and everything. It's just like the old days.
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Wow, that's a bit of a left-field choice. Any news on whether Eccleston is in Star Wars Episode 3?
posted by John Shaft at 3:30 AM on March 20, 2004

He'll have to grow out that hair a bit, eh?
posted by troutfishing at 6:59 AM on March 20, 2004

Hmmm, I was hoping for Eddie Izzard.
posted by moonbird at 7:07 AM on March 20, 2004

Story in the UK's Daily Mail newspaper today. It's official : Bill Nighy to be the new Doctor Who!

Whoops! :)
posted by kaemaril at 9:21 AM on March 20, 2004

I just hope the first episode features the Doctor landing on a planet that has been overrun with zombies.

posted by Civil_Disobedient at 2:25 PM on March 20, 2004

I think he could be pretty great; edgy and interesting, and not at all what you'd expect. This bodes extremely well for the new series.
posted by bwerdmuller at 2:51 AM on March 21, 2004

They might have announced it on the news, but they apparently forgot to tell the BBCi guys about it...
posted by Katemonkey at 4:05 AM on March 21, 2004

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