The new Atkins?
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MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm, Banana Worm Bread....... Most of us would cringe at the thought of eating our six legged friends, but many cultures eat insects as a standard practice. Perhaps we should lighten up and give it a shot ourselves! If one is so inclined there are clubs to join and resources available. Chocolate Chirpie Cookies, anyone?
posted by elwoodwiles (14 comments total)
I remember sugar cookies with a worms in each in grade 2. There were some normal cookies available, so I took one of those :P
posted by abcde at 2:46 PM on March 21, 2004

chocolate-covered ants are as daring as I've ever gotten (tasted like rice krispies and chocolate, sort of), but everytime we eat hotdogs (and most other foods), we're eating insect parts.
posted by amberglow at 2:52 PM on March 21, 2004

When I was in Thailand and Laos I ate all sorts of bugs and strange creatures. Fried beetles, worms and locusts. They were actually really tasty. A good beer also helps.
posted by plebmaster at 3:33 PM on March 21, 2004

Army worm wine is found here — Minnesota to be exact.
posted by pedantic at 3:57 PM on March 21, 2004

If you think we don't eat bug parts now, you are
posted by Slagman at 3:58 PM on March 21, 2004

Hey, everybody, I don't know if you knew this, but the foods you're eating? They contain bug parts
posted by jimmy at 4:05 PM on March 21, 2004

I had a Korean soup made with, of all things, was darn good.
posted by alumshubby at 6:25 PM on March 21, 2004

I just don't think I could get myself over the mental hurdle of the "crunch" of a beetle.
posted by five fresh fish at 6:38 PM on March 21, 2004

Banana Worm Bread? I hope they don't find out about this at UC Santa Cruz - Sammy would be mortified!
posted by Jos Bleau at 7:40 PM on March 21, 2004

17-year cicadas, the so called "Big Brood" known as Brood-X are returning.
posted by stbalbach at 10:05 PM on March 21, 2004

?"...and when we die, the worms eat us, 'cause we're just taking turns" ? -Mike Cross, "The Big Food Chain"
posted by planetkyoto at 12:05 AM on March 22, 2004

(those question marks were musical notes. Thought they were going to get through.)
posted by planetkyoto at 12:07 AM on March 22, 2004

Fried beetles, worms and locusts....A good beer also helps.

They're probably healthier than the chicarrones that we get to go with beer at the convenience store, too.
posted by alumshubby at 4:06 AM on March 22, 2004

Don't forget the classic of Victorian entomophagy, Why Not Eat Insects? by Vincent M. Holt (1885).
posted by rory at 8:59 AM on March 22, 2004

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