Life at the end of the world
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Stories from the end of the world. There were so many drugs. The best drug story comes with the last [winter] airdrop [in 1996]. Cocaine came down. Hash oil came down. Really good weed came down. Acid came down. Everything. This and other tales of one of the weirdest places on the planet to work by way of Big Dead Place.
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'Crazed Norwegian from Troll Base: Interview with Trans-Antarctic Expeditioner Eirik S√łnneland
"American employees told us later that they had been told to stay away from us and not to talk to us."'

Obviously, they'd seen this movie.

At the beginning of the film the Norwegian with the rifle screams in Norwegian: "Get out of the way! It's not a dog, it's some kind of a thing, it's imitating a dog. Get away you idiots!"
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As someone who spent 11 months cooking at the South Pole last year, I can tell you the drug story is a myth. They did get mail and magazines dropped though, lucky bastards. Big Dead Place is a sarcastic look at the US Antarctic Program, but we all love it.
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Very cool, thanks!
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Crazy, fucked up stories. Great read!
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"... I had no preconceived notions about my voyage into the unknown.  I suspected though that wherever the unknown lurked, science would be there to stop it..."

Fucking beautiful.
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Indeed, this was a very entertaining way to cruise through the last 45 minutes of my workday. Thanks.
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SkuaPile [this is good]
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some photo accompaniment including crashed plane
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