the future of metafilter?
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Very cool toy.
posted by dg at 9:48 PM on March 23, 2004

I like the chat going on... "where are all these people coming from?" ... ""
posted by bobo123 at 9:50 PM on March 23, 2004

It's pretty as long as you don't try to use it. The pop-up that appears when you point at the little pill thingies that I assume represent users is obscured by the cursor, making people's names unreadable. I have no idea how they managed to miss that one.
posted by kindall at 9:53 PM on March 23, 2004

where's quonsar?
posted by specialk420 at 9:53 PM on March 23, 2004

I like the collaborative drawing thingy. Watching people cross out other's 'art' is captivating.
posted by birdherder at 9:56 PM on March 23, 2004

I just spent 5 minutes crossing out art. Playtime is fun!
posted by crazy finger at 10:10 PM on March 23, 2004

Interesting that the major topic of "conversation" is when MeFi memberships are going to be opened ...
posted by dg at 10:15 PM on March 23, 2004

It makes you appreciate the sublime, stately immobility of MetaFilter, that's for sure. ;)
posted by MiguelCardoso at 10:15 PM on March 23, 2004

I'm not sure how to answer the question "So who are you, Hildegarde?" Is this an existential moment, or what.
posted by Hildegarde at 10:17 PM on March 23, 2004

when i left there were about 5 quonsar's.
posted by quonsar at 10:27 PM on March 23, 2004

its quite a blackboard - can you imagine kids talking to kids on the other side of the world using that thing?
posted by specialk420 at 10:28 PM on March 23, 2004

I refuse to accept your revolution, quonsar.
posted by Hildegarde at 10:29 PM on March 23, 2004

generation z?
posted by specialk420 at 10:31 PM on March 23, 2004

Looks like a fish, moves like a fish, steers like a cow.
posted by subgenius at 10:36 PM on March 23, 2004

generation z?

Interestingly, Quonsar's name in the early days of the printing press was actually Quonzar, but repeated editing mistakes at the printing press (not uncommon) lead to the modern spelling, a change which Quons(z)ar stopped fighting shortly after the bolshevik revolution.


the future of metafilter?

I thought the future of metafilter was an imminent demise, brought about and then reinforced by Miguel's continued boisterous presence as our reigning metastopheles. *shrug*

[i am good]
posted by The God Complex at 10:37 PM on March 23, 2004

posted by quonsar at 10:44 PM on March 23, 2004

Message from the teeming masses:

LET US IN!!!!!!!!!!
posted by dg at 10:49 PM on March 23, 2004

Compared to 1000 user MUDs this is actually very calming.
posted by snarfodox at 10:51 PM on March 23, 2004

I'm already banned.
posted by angry modem at 10:53 PM on March 23, 2004

This is pretty nifty.
posted by Salmonberry at 11:14 PM on March 23, 2004

I couldn't get it to accept my text, but it was cool. The host was on a webcam... I can imagine in a year or two - as bandwidth improves - having twenty or so webcamming people all using something like that, with one person DJing, and others creating art and loading photos etc.
posted by Spacelegoman at 11:16 PM on March 23, 2004

Spacelegoman, you have high-hopes for an interactive internet.

Those are the sorts of things that are being promised and have been for the last ten years, but more frequently it always collapses into a cesspool of mindless noise (not that I mind).
posted by angry modem at 11:21 PM on March 23, 2004

With the flood of Metafilter people hitting the server it reminded me of a global chat channel on a high traffic MUD. I can see people very quickly becoming accustomed to the signal/noise issues. You only have to watch experienced MUD players rapidly parse over an incredible amount of scrolling data, easily filtering out just the information that pertains to their own situation/conversation to understand that the noise issues will probably just be adapted to and won't make a big difference.
posted by snarfodox at 11:33 PM on March 23, 2004

Like MeFi on crack.
posted by bluedaniel at 12:13 AM on March 24, 2004

Did someone say DJ?
posted by mattr at 12:46 AM on March 24, 2004

Spacelogoman, with the exception of the DJ (unless I missed something), that web site is doing exactly that, no?
posted by dobbs at 1:13 AM on March 24, 2004

The future took too long for me to download. The future should be simpler, and less bloated with flashy flash flash.
posted by geekhorde at 9:05 AM on March 24, 2004

Dobbs et al., I know this website has most of those capabilities, but with only one or two people webcamming and the rest of us as anonymous text-only people. I'm not sure I have the bandwidth for alot of simultaneous webcam users, and whether they want to pay for that kind of use. Also, this site is still kind of primitive, the interactive parts are just text and a little MacPaint thingy...
posted by Spacelegoman at 9:40 AM on March 24, 2004

this is cool.
posted by clavdivs at 12:03 PM on March 24, 2004

I noticed that the main panel scrolls to the side, revealing a machine-translation tool. That was fun. Even worse than most MT.
posted by adamrice at 2:02 PM on March 24, 2004

I was in there earlier today and people were drawing together. It was fun for a while.
posted by bargle at 2:22 PM on March 24, 2004

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