Knight to be fired?
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Knight to be fired? I know some can find the news at other links, and the story is still developing, however, I at least thought he would last one more year, and retire on his own. Zero tolerence is enforced and the University warned him. I just wonder if he will be hired anywhere else.
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Mike Tyson bit another man's ear and severely damaged it, and was "suspended for life from boxing". A few months later they relented and gave him permission to box again. (I was apalled.)

Knight will be rehired if he has a winning record; someone will do it because "winning is more important than anything else".
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Along the same lines of Steven's comments, I'd be surprised if he is actually fired. Colleges know that well known colleges draw good athletes. Good athletes mean good sports teams which end up bringing loads of money to the school.

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But Indiana may be a special case. Basketball is kind of a religion there anyways. Knight or not, it's still going to be a prime destination, like Notre Dame for football.

And Knight was going to go next year or so regardless, so they were going to have to account for this soon anyways.
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It's the "bringing loads of money to the school" part that I'm dubious about... I have yet to see a balance sheet for any university that shows a sports program funding anything other than the sports program.

I'd be much happier if student sports could be covered solely by student media, and leave it at that. If the NBA and the NFL desperately need minor league teams, they can bloody well start minor leagues.

But let's not kid ourselves into thinking anything having to do with big-time college sports today has anything to do with academics...

As to Knight, he's been marginal as a coach and as a human being for quite some time. When was the last time Indiana even made it to the Final Four, let alone won? And Yahoo's page cites a story in the New York Times about Knight's recalcitrance dating back to 1984.

The only downside to firing him now is that it points up how he should have been fired decades ago.

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And yet, they did fire him.
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I have yet to see a balance sheet for any university that shows a sports program funding anything other than the sports program.

When my alma mater, Northwestern, went to the Rose Bowl and then the Citrus Bowl in rapid succession, alumni donations went through the roof. In addition, so did the number of applicants, allowing the university to select an even better crop than ususal.

Profits made directly by the sports program (ticket sales, bowl money, advertising, licensing fees, etc.) often do stay within the sports program, but fnd sports that otherwise would not be sponsored by the univeristy, like wrestling or track. (Title VII - or is it Title IX? - considerations aside).

Even so, the Univeristy of Indiana finally did the right thing.

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Did Jason really really really post a link to Yahoo Sports about a news that was repeated atleast a million times during the football telecasts and everywhere else all day?

Has Jason lost his edge of finding the most obscure of news and the latest meme?

Who will be my role model now that Jason has fallen from his high horse?
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A small tidbit from Knight's reaction:"I would have to be a jerk, an absolute jerk, to confront a student in public in such a manner [as I'm being accused of]."It's pretty much public record that Bobby Knight is a jerk. There's also video footage of him choking a student at a practice. Anyone want to pitch in helping pull Big Bob's foot out of his mouth?
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I recall the word was "Moron"...not "jerk". but same foot in his mouth!
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Nonetheless, the student involved in the latest of the Knight incidents claims that the whole story had been blown out of proportion, as did the witnesses at the scene. It's the students' stepfather who has pressed the case. Knight has been a jerk, but it would be a serious shame for him to have been fired over this latest incident if there really wasn't anything to it.
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The student has a vested interest in not getting the coach mad at him: tell the truth, and warm the bench for the whole season; lie, and play. And weren't those "witnesses at the scene" other team members?

Sorry, but I don't believe any testimony given under duress.
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>>Northwestern ... Rose Bowl ... alumni donations went through the roof.<<

Didn't NWU have some big-time NCAA scandal relatively recently as well?
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Steven, the most recent Bobby Knight happening deals with him confronting a student, not basketball player, at IU. And, this student's step-father just happens to be one of Bobby Knight's biggest critics.

The other incident which made national news months ago dealt with Neil Reed, a former IU basketball player.
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NWU turned up some former basketball players who did point-shaving.
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Damn him for graduating 90% of his players. Why didn't he just exploit them so that he could win more tourney's?
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Mikewas: It's indeed Title IX that requires equal opportunity in sports regardless of gender. IIRC, Title IX requires universities to provide an equal number of scholarships for both men's and women's athletics, but it does not necessarily require the same sports be open to men and women.
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