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Burn some time. But first, you'll have to find the flint, the rock, and the tinder, then combine the three. Think like a caveman. And watch out for the sabretooth tiger. (Friday Flash Shockwave Fun)
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How the hell do you get the Tiger into the pit? I've set the leaves, I roasted a rat, but the Tiger just ate the rat and left without falling into the pit. Anyone?

Otherwise, great link, leapfrog, tons of fun.
posted by saladin at 10:14 AM on March 26, 2004

You have to cover the pit with three banana leaves. Two is not enough.
posted by leapfrog at 10:23 AM on March 26, 2004

Also, you have to pick up the roasted rat and set it on top of the leaves.
posted by leapfrog at 10:24 AM on March 26, 2004

How do you make arrows? All I can do is make the bow and eat "oranges".. Then I die...
How do you make fire and tools?

Help the helpless..
posted by Decypher at 1:22 PM on March 26, 2004

If I gave everything away, I'd have to post a walkthrough. But, since you asked... (this only applies to level 1, since things move around between levels). You have to jump across the water to find a bundle of sticks, take one of those. Then, to the north find a tree with a curiously straight branch, including a nest and an egg. If you walk up to the loose root, you will "bounce" up into the tree, allowing you to jump over the knotholes and grab the feathers, and the egg. (the egg counts as food.) Jump across the river near the waterfall and climb up the cliffs. Jump from platform to platform until you find the pile of pointy rocks. Use a pointy rock with the stick, then the feathers with the stick, then use the assembled arrow with the bow. Point, click, shoot some rats. Whee!

If it is possible to make fire on level 1, I have yet to figure out how. On level two, however, you'll find a shiny rock next to the egg in the nest. Watch out for the mother bird when the egg hatches. That shiny rock, combined with a plain rock and some tinder, will make fire. (you can find another shiny rock at the very top of the cliffs across the river.) Of course, fire alone will not help you. You need to find some kindling, then a big log to put on the fire to get it roaring.

And that is ALL the help you get from me.
posted by leapfrog at 1:56 PM on March 26, 2004

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