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The Panda's Thumb is a multi-authored blog "dedicated to explaining the theory of evolution, critiquing the claims of the anti-evolution movement, and defending the integrity of science and science education in America and around the world." [Via The Loom.]
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There's some very interesting stuff on that site, although reading the responses to the Intelligent Design articles in World magazine was like watching fish in a barrel being shot.
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Weird site found a few posts down:
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Intelligent Grappling.
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This is a great site. I found it via Brian Leiter. He has recently dealt with the ID nonsense that crept into Harvard Law Review and with not too much of a surprise was defended by that rag, The National Review.
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A good summary of the Leiter/Harvard Law Review/National Review dustup (with all the necessary links) in this piece from Kevin Drum in the Washington Monthly. What's really priceless is the extent to which the National Review embarrass themselves by employing a writer whose biases turned out to be more personal than ideologically partisan. Intelligent design indeed.
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