The Ivory Coast is falling down
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The peace process in the Ivory Coast has collapsed (again). I haven't seen it reported yet but have it first hand from an official stationed there that the UN is evacuating all personnel. The evacuations in 2002 were limited compared to this. How could the Ivory Coast have come to this point? What does this mean for the rest of the region? sigh
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I read this in the IHT earlier today, and I really don't think there's any response left except ... fuck. Just fuck.

(Sorry, *sigh* just doesn't cover it.)

Commanders of the presidential and national guards later warned that any demonstrator who got too close to the presidential palace - declared a no-go area during Thursday's protest - would be regarded as an enemy combatant and shot.

I think the term "Dictator" might be the answer to your first question. That and the fact that the French (who appear to be the only ones to date that give a shit) are seriously undermanned in the region.
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Yeah. The French feel personally responsible for the country and up until recently took (justifiable) pride in its stability and progress since its independence. It really sucks that no other nation appears to give a shit. Loss of stability in Cote d'Ivoire will have wide reaching consequences for the entire region, and these things have a way of extending beyond.
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It *really* sucks that even Mefi doesn't appear to give a shit. Some moron who mentions a TV show in his murder confession gets all press, but this thread is quiet.

I suppose there isn't much to discuss here. It's so disheartening to see this. It's hard not to despair.

It's too bad the US isn't in the business of deposing dictators and liberating opressed populations.
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