Watch Small Creatures Breed and Die
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A few years ago a life simulation game called Creatures was released. I recently discovered that there was also a free version called Docking Station which is still available in PC and Linux versions and includes an optional on-line component which allows you to chat, send messages and share creatures with other players. And if the goodies and breeds of creatures that come with the free version aren't enough for you, there are oodles of web sites still offering free downloads to expand on the game. Or if you gain some joy from hexidecimal programming, you can even play around with their genetic coding or learn to create your own goodies.
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I wish Creatures 2 and 3 had been designed a little better. The games are almost unplayable without downloading tons of third-party items to use within the game. I liked the games a lot, but they required too much fiddling and game time for growth for me to install again.
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Microcosmic God
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I tested this game.

Thought it was way more complicated than it needed to be. The genetic algorithms and stuff seemed cool in theory, but the end-user never saw any of that coolness. I hope it finds its niche as an intense nerdy extreme hobbyist's type game. It's not really fun in the usual sense.

The games are almost unplayable

yeah, that's about right.
posted by Miles Long at 6:25 PM on April 2, 2004

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