Children's literature 1850 and up
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Online collection of children's literature circa 1850 and up. Primarily American and British, from thrilling stories of the ocean to a peep at the beasts. Every page (and even the spine) digitized in both JPEG and PDF format, and in some cases color-corrected. (Similar collections have been posted here previously)
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this is wonderful!--thanks! and welcome!
posted by amberglow at 10:36 AM on April 4, 2004

Thank you! Phew, first post jitters out of the way.
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this one is especially great.
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Darn, ya got me; I thought it said "peep at the bReasts." I have a feeling I'm not alone.
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Oh, lovely, lovely post. This is pretty much why I wanted a MeFi membership - people find the most amazing sites and they don't get a lot of comments telling them what a good job they did. So from one newbie to another - good job!

Although, like wsg, I also read it as "breasts".
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This is great! thanks!
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Wow! Ver Niiiiice!
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Very nifty! Thanks!
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A lot of good shit up in this bitch...

fo sheeze...

ambie, whatup playa?

100 comments, im rich bitch!
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[this is good]
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