Skateboarding Bulldog
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Tyson the bulldog enjoys riding skateboards, not so much wearing flower hats.
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(the videos are really the gems here, apologies to those who can't view WMV. Oh, and I guess, sorry for not mentioning Iraq, I'm sure someone will find a connection!)
posted by malphigian at 12:22 PM on April 7, 2004

Man, that is just fucking awesome.
It has inspired me to sign Betty up for lessons next week.
posted by psmealey at 12:36 PM on April 7, 2004

Bulldogs are so very beautiful. Thanks for the link malphigian.
posted by vito90 at 12:39 PM on April 7, 2004

[This is infinitely excellent]
posted by funkbrain at 1:08 PM on April 7, 2004

Is this the same bulldog that steals Lance Mountain's board in 1988's Public Domain (screenshot of dog in question)?
posted by imaswinger at 1:14 PM on April 7, 2004

[Coolest thing I've seen all day]

That dog can skateboard a lot better than I. Of course, I'd imagine the low center of gravity helps. Sure, that's the ticket.
posted by uncleozzy at 1:23 PM on April 7, 2004

My bulldog runs into walls. And by run I mean, of course, walk. This is absolutely hysterical, and unlike anything I have ever seen from the breed.
posted by hummus at 1:23 PM on April 7, 2004

I love it how he manages to actually turn away from the oncoming curb. But I have to wonder what happens to Tyson at the very end of the second video {puff of dust}.
posted by Witty at 1:39 PM on April 7, 2004

[This is great]
posted by clever sheep at 2:20 PM on April 7, 2004

Greatest. Thing. Ever. Time to strap the puggies to the board!!
posted by jonson at 2:30 PM on April 7, 2004

He steers! And flips the board back over when he needs to!

Man. I really thought this would be a dumb link, but was I ever wrong. Excellent find, malphigian.
posted by rafter at 2:50 PM on April 7, 2004

I <heart> Tyson.
posted by of strange foe at 3:32 PM on April 7, 2004

That fascist-imperialist bulldog is exploiting an innocent sovereign skateboard under the guise of "liberating" it from its owner. Incidentally, skateboard wheels function with ball bearings covered in oil. What's his next hostile takeover, a unicycle? Oh, right, unicycles don't have oil.

Reap the fucking whirlwhind.
posted by dhoyt at 3:56 PM on April 7, 2004

That dog is the coolest! I was never a fan of bulldogs, but now I'm a fan of Tyson.
posted by MsVader at 4:20 PM on April 7, 2004

Wow. That dog rides that skateboard with a finesse that borders on intelligence. It's like Tyson was born to skate.
posted by bitpart at 4:32 PM on April 7, 2004

I saw this dog in person in February, it is truly amazing. It's hypnotic to watch him cruise back and forth. My girlfriend shot a picture of him and got some video too.
posted by jonah at 4:38 PM on April 7, 2004

Way too late. We had a skateboarding duck in the UK years ago. Ended up being a running joke on the news with the last item being of the SBD variety (And finally...)
posted by i_cola at 6:07 PM on April 7, 2004

My boxer dog used to skateboard. Same as this bulldog, I think it's all about trying to bite the front wheel while it's moving. Just like some dogs like to have a go at bike wheels. My boxer was cuter than the bulldog too, wish I'd realised what a money winner I had had on my hands. ;)
posted by Onanist at 10:56 PM on April 7, 2004

Man, he can't even ollie. What a poser.

but seriously, this is sooo frickin' cool.
posted by arto at 2:27 AM on April 8, 2004

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