Another case of too-much-time-on-your-hands
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When PC case mods go too far. (Cue floppy drive jokes...)
posted by Robot Johnny (23 comments total)
Or hard drive jokes...
posted by plemeljr at 9:40 AM on April 8, 2004

Yuk it up all you want, boys, this is still a remarkable piece of craftsmanship.
posted by jjg at 9:46 AM on April 8, 2004

Agreed, but still...this would be funny...if it weren't so very, very sad.
posted by gottabefunky at 9:54 AM on April 8, 2004

jjg: so are those real life sex dolls, but I still find them creepy too.
posted by terrapin at 9:58 AM on April 8, 2004

Oh hello computer!
posted by xmutex at 10:02 AM on April 8, 2004

you know, i thought of at least seven things to say about this. none of which can capture my conflicted opinions.... somewhere between "what an amazing amount of dedication and meticulousness" and "fer god's sake, get outside and find yourself a girlfirend".

but still, remarkable...
posted by caution live frogs at 10:02 AM on April 8, 2004

Sure beats the dead frog.
posted by brownpau at 10:08 AM on April 8, 2004

This be a popular hobby.
posted by Wet Spot at 10:14 AM on April 8, 2004

Indeed. it's very well done, and who knows, something like this could become quite catchy if PC manufacturers pick up on it.

Just think of it, your own Garfield (tm) PC! The joy is endless...
posted by moonbird at 10:16 AM on April 8, 2004

If he spent half as much energy hitting on one.....
posted by Keyser Soze at 10:27 AM on April 8, 2004

Hey, I want to make big stuff too. Does anyone know what kind of clay this guy's using and how he's attaching the styrofoam to the armature (and itself)?
posted by crumbly at 10:44 AM on April 8, 2004

I hadn't noticed on preview, but I think I picked the absolute best time to post that comment. Heh.
posted by brownpau at 11:02 AM on April 8, 2004

Yeah all artists just have too much time on their hands.
posted by callmejay at 12:20 PM on April 8, 2004

GOD, this is still floating around the web?
And it hadn't been posted to mefi yet? Lord above.

The guy apparently does these as commissions, so he didn't make the case for himself, but for a customer.
posted by kavasa at 12:21 PM on April 8, 2004

posted by davros42 at 1:45 PM on April 8, 2004

posted by lotsofno at 1:50 PM on April 8, 2004

You all forgot "How does he turn it on?"

Not to take away from it being mefi worthy, but you are right, kavasa. boingboing did it earlier this week. Hell, I posted it the other day.
posted by sciatica at 4:36 PM on April 8, 2004

It's cool as a work of art but as a computer case it's totally lame. Where do you insert a CD or plug in the cords? It looks like you'd need to reach all the way around behind it. Way too much effort. I would have made it so you could push a button (her nose maybe?) and her chest springs open with double doors revealing the computer workings. Then it would be a cool computer case.
posted by Eyegore at 4:54 PM on April 8, 2004

Where do you insert a CD or plug in the cords?

It's too hard to guess where?
posted by drpartypoopercrankypantsesquire at 5:27 PM on April 8, 2004

No, it's much more fun to stick the disk into the slot....

What I think it is odd is the cardboard box the monitor is sitting on. I mean geez, all this effort into a computer box, (nice pun), and his monitor is on a cardboard box that is slowly imploding on itself?
posted by Eekacat at 6:20 PM on April 8, 2004

Robot Johnny, upon reflection, my comment seems snarky. It was not meant to be. Thanks for posting this.
posted by sciatica at 6:37 PM on April 8, 2004

For those interested, the model for this was likely Hand Maid May, which is a very cute and enjoyable series.
posted by SPrintF at 6:51 PM on April 8, 2004

brownpau - heh. thought that was a funny coincidence myself.
posted by caution live frogs at 8:08 AM on April 9, 2004

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