Giant Easter Egg
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This giant Ukrainian Easter Egg (pysanka) was built in 1975 in Vegreville, Canada by (then) Univ. Utah Computer Science Professor Ronald Resch. Interesting egg factoids can be found here--including that it swivels like a weather vane. Vegreville has an annual festival. More images of egg here. The Vegreville Pysanka was the first physical structure completely designed with computer-aided geometric modeling software. There is a good description here of the complex geometry involved. It's based on a technique (PDF) he developed and patented for folding a flat material (i.e. sheet metal) into flexible surfaces. Ronald Resch has had an interesting career.
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That's really cute. Those crazy Canadians!

Fun post, lobakgo. Just a shame that the Geocities site seems to have died a MetaDeath...
posted by chrismear at 3:50 PM on April 8, 2004

...every summer my family drove out of Edmonton for vacation, and whenever we passed The Egg I knew it meant the trip had only just begun and that I was in for another couple dozen hours in the car....
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I asked some friends to check the Geocities links themselves and they're working for them, so hopefully they're okay.
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that first link is one of the most surreal photos I've ever seen.
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It looks like it was built in 1975.

Man what was that with all the brown?
posted by Blue Stone at 6:08 PM on April 8, 2004

BTW, this came up on last year's Pysanky thread, which has plenty of links to more normal-sized pysanka.
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