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The Guided By Voices Database: An act of love, considering that Bob Pollard (GBV’s mastermind) has released 31 original Guided By Voices Albums and Ep’s, 6 solo albums, and a good number side projects and collaborations (including Acid Ranch, The Airport 5, Circus Devils, Go Back Snowball, Lifeguards, Nightwalker etc), making a total of 871 released songs (lyrics to all of them included). The database also has gig information on every show GBV have played, most with set-lists. Amazing.
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I *heart* fans with OCD. The site truly is amazing and clearly a labour of love. Nice find, Quartermass!
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(and gbv is why god invented music)
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This is spectacular. I first learned of GBV through Malkmus (seems to need Explorer unfortunately) of Pavement and imagine that many have discovered GBV in a like manner by a band or individual that Pollard has worked with or vice-versa. Of course GBV are also featured in the Strokes Someday video (in the Music section in the Is this It section), where they play Family Feud and smoke and drink and stuff. Oh yeah, and hug and talk and basically do that rock video thing.
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Didn't follow the links as I've GBV OD'd, but there's also the GBV Song Title Genator.

[ot] I got an email last October that the band wanted to use one of my photos in their new box set. Boy, was I thrilled and they were gonna send me a comp set. Then I got another email last minute that they couldn't work it in as the booklet was already proofed and it was too late to change. Still haven't been able to afford the set. [/ot]
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The new box set (their 3rd!!!) is really worth it. (I got it for Christmas).
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Oh, and that pic F'n rules.
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That site is invaluable to the GbV fan. The amount of work that went into it is astounding, many kudos to Jeff.
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hmm. i have only had an account here for nearly 2 years, but it takes the genius of GbV to break my comments duck. this site is totally amazing - hats off to jeff. now featuring the tobin sprout discog as well! long live rockathon.
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Dobbs -- I must say that your photo of Bob is one of the all-time great rock photos.

Of course, as someone who actually owns all 871 of those GBV songs, I might be just a little bit impartial.
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Guided by Beers was better. Pollard moved like Squier on stage.

...or something like that.
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(and gbv is why god invented music)

gbv live was also the motivation behind god inventing booze, don't forget.

great link. and kudos to the tobin sprout shout out (and he PAINTS too! those guys are prolific)...doug gillard/yuji oniki is great too.
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Thanks for the props, Quartermass and Reggie452.
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