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Barbara Ann Tyson has a drinking problem. Ms. Tyson has been arrested some eightteen times this year, and dozens of times before. Most of the incidents are listed as "alcohol intoxication." In the age of public information being available online, is this a fascinating insight, or just watching a train wreck?
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Why did you post pictures of my mom? How would you like it if I posted pictures of your mom?
posted by toddst at 1:02 PM on April 9, 2004

She makes me feel better about my drinking problem.
posted by wigu at 1:09 PM on April 9, 2004

Someone should set her up with Henry Earl
posted by Rob1855 at 1:29 PM on April 9, 2004

Earl has apparently been arrested for Alcohol Intoxication (whatever that means. is it a crime to be drunk?) over 800 times. How is that possible?
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I think he's just lonely.
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Division of County Corrections Mission Statement:

To provide for the incarceration of adult and juvenile offenders in a fashion that provides for the protection of the public safety, the protection of institutional safety, the delivery of a constitutional level of services to those in need and the opportunity for program participation intended to reduce the likelihood of re-incarceration.

Doesn't seem to be working.
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I like the photos. Especially, the different moods of Mr. Earl in each of his 53 pictures. Tyson doesn't really emote in the same way, and grows scarier as the pictures progress.
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I suppose every town jail's got an Otis Campbell ...
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Henry Earl is turning into a Fark cliche. Here is an animated gif montage of his mugshots. It is only a small sample of his smiling face.
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"Alcohol Intoxication" in Kentucky would probably be better known as Public Intoxication elsewhere, but they can also use it to bust you for drinking alcoholic beverages in public locations (parks, sidewalks, bus stations, in cars, etc.)

And those are some very scary photos ...
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Looks like she might have cleaned up for a while there-- she didn't get arrested at all in 1996.

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This is insane - how does that type of personal information get to be publicly available?
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You're kidding, right? Arrest logs have always been public.
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This is insane - how does that type of personal information get to be publicly available?

The police blotter has always been public. Most small-market newspapers would have, literally, nothing to print without it.

That's where they even find their "man bites dog" stories.
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Or, man kicks dog, as the case may be.

(This happened locally, and I wish I were given the opportunity to place kick his head.)
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Finally an online dating site for the rest of us.
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I'd be willing to bet that she's homeless, and this is charge that's easiest to use to bring them in. Sometimes it's pity on the cop's side...the weather is godawful, you know they haven't eaten in a couple of days, whatever. Sometimes it's because the city officials mandate a cleanup of the areas where the homeless congregate.

In any case, it's tragic and I'm willing to bet it reflects more poorly on us as a culture than it does her as a person.
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