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And they're off! Apparently BBC3 plans to broadcast what it says is the first televised sperm race on April 15—on the educational show Lab Rats, naturally. The race will be filmed from inside two tiny glass tubes and relayed to a crowd watching at a pub. I wonder what the bookmakers have to say about the event?
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How come American TV is so boring? Not only does the sperm race sound thrilling, but I want to watch the 60 hour sleep depravation too.

Do you suppose the contestants will start out in the tube, or will we get to watch the (ahem) launching as well?
posted by shotsy at 1:47 PM on April 9, 2004

What do you want to bet that there will be pre-game commentary with ESPN style announcers?

Announcer 1: And the two contestants are off to their discharge stations to fill up the beakers.

Announcer 2: Did you know that the ejaculatory force of an unladen african swallow can reach 450 Newtons?

Announcer 1: I did not know that, Bob.
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