Black Ships and Samurai
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Black Ships and Samurai :: an on-line exhibit, using primary sources to document a little-known but dramatic encounter betwen the US and Japan in the summer of 1853.
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See also.
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I remember this too, but I just tried a search, and this is the only one that showed up. In all fairness.
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Wasn't this pretty much the basis for Shogun?
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That's because the previous thread linked to "" (that is, no "www", as was included in your search). Do a search for "black ships", and both show up. Searching based on URL seems a bit unreliable.
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No, "Shogun" was based on the (also vaguely true) story of a Dutch captain who was shipwrecked in Japan over 250 years earlier than Perry's arrival. His firearm instruction gave Ieyasu Tokugawa (or Toranaga in the book) the edge he needed to become Shogun, allowing his family to rule Japan for the next 250 years and to shut out all foreigners, both of which essentially ended with Perry's coming, as documented above.
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"Little known"?!
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Marquis, It is "little known" because there haven't been any recent Hollywood blockbuster movies starring Tom Cruise on the topic.
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Black Ships Over Tokyo! Coming soon to a theatre near you.

A Joel Schumaker production!

Patrick Stewart as Commodore Perry!

Keanu Reeves as Bosun's Mate Mr. Anderson!

Hillary Duff as Eliza Perry!

Geddy Watanabe as the Emperor of Japan.
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Sorry guys, my mistake. I actually searched on 'Samurai' as well as the link, but I have the 'flu and its possible I misspelled it in the search. I've contacted Matt and asked him to delete this.
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