Does this tutu make me look fat?
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Ever worn a very sparkly, floppy table?* Just one requires enough fabric to cover a tennis court from baseline to net, at least 20 different measurements and the finished product can end up costing more than 10 iPods. [bonus links inside]
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From Russia with Love (twice)
Every Ballerina's Nightmare
Where to put one's hands while wearing a 3,000 dollar floppy table
*Floppy table commenting is mine. I have fond memories of them, despite the rigors of boning or shoulder elastics snapping mid-performance, elastic crotch straps and cases of obviously poor hygiene of previous wearers.
posted by romakimmy at 1:56 PM on April 9, 2004

(This is a great post. I particuarly I love your use of iPods as a standard for price. Very apropos for MeFi.)
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This is great! I would never have guessed I'd be interested in floppy tables, but this is really nifty--lots of good stuff. Thanks, romakimmy!
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When I was six, my tutu had a dark puke-geen spandex body, and a skirt that was bright orange with yellow underneath. It is still one of the ugliest things I've ever seen, and I imagine I cried profusely at the time.
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I particuarly I love your use of iPods as a standard for price. Very apropos for MeFi.

Bah humbug!
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I have all of my old tutus, in a box at my parent's house. The most exciting part of ballet for me was when our instructor brought in the tutu catalogue to figure out what we would be wearing at recitals! Hello, Pink Spangles! I always wanted to wear the Liza Minelli hot pants, but alas, my ballet teacher had no vision.

Itchy, uncomfortable, oddly coloured, and never quite long enough in the torso, or so long that your basque is dragging around your ankles - isn't Dance Lovely?
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I love this post! I know sod all about ballet beyond Darcy Bussell's name and yet I've just spent and hour and a half on the links above. Who'd have thought that would be such an interesting site?
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