The real slim shady
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Who is the real Slim Shady? Does he pass on a jacuzzi full of thong-laden women for a manicure, tanning and full spa treatment? yup.
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I'm going to put this as gently as I can, but... "slim" is definitely the operative word here.
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1.) You mean "slim shady" is really a character he plays up for publicity sake? OH MY GOD. I wish he'd admit this sort of thing, say, in a song on his album. But he wouldn't do that, would he?

He's admitted before that Slim Shady is an amplified character meant to give people what they want from him because music fans want him to be outrageous.

2.) Would it somehow be more respectable of him to hang out with groupies?

3.) I'm always at a loss as to why this kind of thing actually matters to anyone enough to put it in a newspaper, reputable or not. This sort of "hah, gotcha!" celebrity gossip is so strange; I mean, seriously, why does anyone care if he wore a robe at the spa or walked around bare-chested? It's absurd.

First, while other guests relaxed in the robes provided, he strutted around bare-chested with four massive minders.

"They stood guard outside the treatment rooms," continues our source. "What did he think was going to happen? That someone would burst in and laugh at him?"

Like, say, all the people who reported it to the newspaper? Unintentional irony is the best.
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WTF? Are we turning into People magazine? Who freaking cares.
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Um yeah, what's the big deal?

The fact that he preferred a mellow spa treatment over banging 'ho's is no biggie. But him walking around like he was God with four guards is a bit much.

And no, he's not J.Lo, he's actually a talented and creative guy. And I'm sure his death threats are made by real mutha-fuckin'-g's, yo! Not angry hairdressers and limo drivers or whoever hates J.Lo enough to threaten her life.
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Sounds like his fears were justified.

And really, so what? Yeah, it's gossip, it's stupid, but I don't even see where there's ridicule here, except in the tone of the piece itself.

Seriously. There's a gaggle of groupies every eight feet, all day and night, especially for Em. But a good spa? That's a rare thing, especially when you're out on tour. Mr. Mathers is a smart dude.
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30-year-old peroxide blond


On preview - what xmutex said.
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xmutex said it best. Really, if you're going to link to an article like this, at least try and find an article with pictures of said women in g-strings. At least there would have been some reason to click on the link then.
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he doesn't wanna bang all them groupies? MUST BE A FAGGOT!

Eminem wants a little peace and quiet time? homo...

this was lame - for the reasons cited in comments above.
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It's beginning to look like we need a MetaFilterFilter.
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See...posts like this make me wish we had a rating system....I'm just saying...gossiptabloidfilter indeed.
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God Complex: the fact that he writes obviously offensive songs rather vocally in his Marshall Mathers character discredits that theory. He doesn't abide by the character thing too well.
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[this is bad]

April 13, and the link's not even good anymore. Probably wasn't good to begin with...
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Still, it is kind of silly, thinking about Eminem getting a pedicure. Such a badass mofo, he!
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