Lovers in a Dangerous Place
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Where Having Sex is a Crime: Criminalization and Decriminalization of Homosexual Acts. As Western countries ponder the legalization of gay marriage, it's well worth keeping in mind that queer men and women are living in the dark ages elsewhere. The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission tries to keep track of progressive and regressive steps, and advocate for liberty. It's a tough job.
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Thanks, stonerose -- the IGLHRC link is really useful.
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Not to mention the places where the laws may have been changed for image's sake (read: Romania and the EU) but homosexuality is still persecuted and driven underground to a degree unfathomable here in NA.
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Meant to read: Romania changing the laws for the EU, no slight to Europe intended!
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How many years before this is recognized for being as sick as the people who thought lefty's were against god's will, and forced them to write with their right hands under fear of beatings?
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It's amazing that it was only a few months ago that sodomy was still illegal here. I wish people vacationing would keep this list in mind for the future (Barbados, Jamaica, Fiji, Grenada, Kenya, Morocco, etc)
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Well, i'm not sure how up to date their facts are.

I emailed them today to inform them that their statement "The United Kingdom prohibits the promotion of homosexuality" is out of date:

Section 28: An end to a hateful piece of legislation

On Thursday 18 September 2003 the Local Government Bill received Royal Assent and Section 28 was finally taken off the statute books.

On Thursday 10 July 2003 the House of Lords voted overwhelmingly to repeal Section 28 of the Local Government Act in England and Wales. This followed a similar massive vote in the House of Commons in March.

I hope the rest of the site is accurate.

However, until I know better, their list and database will be a reference point for me and my pals when booking our holidays abroad. Thank you ILGHRC.
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What's this? Cultural Imperialism? Surely you don't mean to be imposing your views on other nations through boycotts? Remember, boycotts are only a few hundred steps away from genocide!

...surely you meant to say that you'll be visiting these countries extra-frequently, in order to better learn about their precious precious culture, preferably by staying in expensive hotels?

How dare you impugn their cultural preference to be mean, nasty brutes? Just because they're hurting innocent people doesn't mean they're not displaying a proud and noble heritage of inflicting misery!

Help them celebrate that heritage by cracking a few skulls. In so doing, you'll acquire a deeper understanding of their complex and beautiful societies!
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aramaic, I'm not sure what exactly you were trying to say, but to me the only thing you accomplished is to make an idiot of yourself.
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I think all these sex laws are wrongheaded because they're focusing on the gays, when there's so many hets that we need to make sure don't breed.
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I think aramaic is trying to demonstrate a wry yet profound understanding of liberalism. All liberals, of course, are cultural relativists with no moral compass. They are also, of course, hypocrites par excellence.

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So far you're both wrong, but don't worry, I have faith in you.
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In fact, in the UK the law has been changed in many regards to allow homosexual acts while remaining unchanged for the same acts between heterosexuals. So in some cases it's actually become less legal to be straight!
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