I eat my dinner from an old tin can...
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A great old animation (5.4MB quicktime) set to a wonderful song Old Tin Can.
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Crap. Meant to include [via MoFi] in the front page post.
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I should point out that I got this from Mr Crash Davis via #mefi. Thanks, crash.
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The Fleischers are God. I've never seen that before. Was it partly redone?? Just that the 3-D stuff at the beginning and the quality/singing style of the audio seemed more contemporary {for instance the talking in those Betty Boop and Popeye cartoons is usually pretty terrible sounding}. There used to be a squirrel nut zippers video online that was obviously very much influenced by this.
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that rocks, thanks!
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an internet exclusive from Moris Tepper
Directed by Brett Spivey and Moris Tepper
Cartoon Images ©Fleischer Studios

Yep. This is more cartoon re-mixing a la Space Ghost.
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According to the MonkeyFilter thread, some of the images are from a Betty Boop cartoon adapted to Cab Calloway's "Minnie the Moocher".
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Ok, Moris Tepper is one The Catholics, and this is just one of his music videos put to old animation.

The similar but original animated Squirrel Nut Zippers video is online at Launch. Ghost of Steven Foster - check it out. Is good {in that retro sort of way}.
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. . . of The Catholics, rather. {Last post this thread}
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Ah, I was spelling Moris with two 'r's; no wonder I wasn't finding anything.

And hey, would you look at that: the video's hosted on Moris Tepper's official site.
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no betty boop, and no modern soundtrack, but Origins of American Animation.
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