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Just found this one. The San Francisco Chronicle reports on a Berkeley website for supporting science teachers teaching evolution. The project was built with a grant from the National Science Foundation and has received an additional grant to expand the site to develop content for students and adults. More coverage from The Daily Bruin at UCLA and a brief clip from Science News.
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Just as a side opinion note. I'm wondering when the NSF will become the next punching bag for conservative lawmakers in the same way that the NEA drew fire. The NSF started out as a cold-war agency for promoting science education and research. It still remains one of the strongest advocates for research-based SMET education.
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Berkeley is the best argument Darwinians can make against Intelligenct Design.
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SMET=Science, Math, Engineering and Technology BTW.
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I was wondering if mentioning the name of the university would bring out folks who would fail to read the article and realize that there is some debate among Berkeley faculty about this website.
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