Researchers have created a 3D search engine.
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Researchers have created a 3D search engine. Sketch the object you're looking for and the search engine will attempt to find it.
posted by geeknik (11 comments total)
i tried it, and it didn't work--i drew a simple rubber duck. Has anyone gotten it to work?
posted by amberglow at 5:51 AM on April 16, 2004

This is one of the funniest ideas I've heard in a month of Tuesdays.

I'm laughing at amberglow's duck experience, because I bet that my rubber duck drawing would be a lot more crude and bizarre than his. ("Oh yeah! - my duck's more bizarre than YOUR duck, buddy.......")

The search engine would probably think it was a lawn tractor towing a hippo.

Then again, these search engines might be helpful to a few aphasics and idiot savants out there.
posted by troutfishing at 6:11 AM on April 16, 2004

I drew a bottle, in each the 2d and 3d search but nada.
posted by rafter at 6:11 AM on April 16, 2004

Other than proving I can't draw, it wasn't much of a demo. Maybe if I could watch someone who can draw use it...
posted by tommasz at 6:39 AM on April 16, 2004

I drew some boobs and nothing happened. :(

They weren't very good ones though.
posted by ODiV at 7:18 AM on April 16, 2004

Well, it would be helpful if we knew what models were in the database, and what format it wanted the drawings in. Im guessing that for 3 views it wants a front, top, and side view. I drew 3 squares, with a keyword "Box" it should be able to figure that out. The other problem is that computer mice are not the greatest drawing implement, hook this puppy up to a tablet and it may be in business. I personally cant wait for GIS to use this, just draw what you are trying to find and come up with it. Just imagine what would come up if you drew two circles side by side....On preview: ODiV beat me to it
posted by Pink Fuzzy Bunny at 7:28 AM on April 16, 2004

I drew a 3d cube, it came back with a computer monitor: PASS

I drew the prism from the front of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, it came back with an electric razor: FAIL

I drew a Toshiba E350 Pocket Pc, it came back with a manta: Fail

I drew a helicopter, it came back with an S3D1227, some sort of table or raised platform: Fail

I drew a flower, it came back with no matches:Fail

either i'm a bad artist or its a bad search engine. Former likely.
posted by m@ at 8:15 AM on April 16, 2004

I drew a camel...well, if you were being kind you could call it a camel. And I got 100 camels, but I got dragons, rhinos, dogs, horses, and the Camel Sopwith (?) Red Baron planes. When I added the keyword "camel", I got most of the same results, with the addition of the dromedary I was seeking. :)

For those of us that do 3d work...this is an incredible find. Thanks very much, geeknik. I can't wait to share this with the 3d, bryce and poser junkies I know. :)
posted by dejah420 at 8:34 AM on April 16, 2004

If you drew a camel, and it gave you a Camel Sopwith, it is officially the world's first smartass seach engine.
posted by Ptrin at 9:19 AM on April 16, 2004

Yeah, Ptrin, I have to admit that I laughed when I saw it. :)
posted by dejah420 at 11:01 AM on April 16, 2004

i'm glad everyone got a kick out of it. it was good for wasting the last hour of work last night. ;)
posted by geeknik at 12:34 PM on April 16, 2004

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