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What do you do after you climb Mt. Everest? Climb it again from the other side, of course. The first woman to accomplish that feat. And then what? Cathy O’Dowd calls it the E to E Challenge. Everest to Everyday.

So let’s round up a couple of friends, hitch up the dogs and mush from Styggedalen to Nordkapp across 650 km of Arctic wilderness to support the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. And why not blog it daily with a website run from the back of a sled? Today, the sled fell in a river. Sure makes my life seem dull.
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I had the pleasure of meeting Cathy and hearing her speak a couple of year‘s ago. If you are in London on May 13, you might want to check out her lecture at the Travellers Club. She is a great speaker.
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Cathy was also involved in South Africa's frist ill fated expedition up Mt Everest where a photographer for the Sudnay Times, Bruce Herod, lost his life. She came under a lot of public fire (along with team leader Ian Woodhall, who was supposedly an asshole of note) for letting Herod (who was not an experienced mountaineer) attempt to summit on his own during bad weather. Her book that she wrote with Woodhall Everest: Free To Decide, details the climb.
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Excuse my shocking spelling on that post...
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