Has MacOSRumors lost it's edge?
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Has MacOSRumors lost it's edge? I know the announcements in Paris were none-too-shocking but MOR has really sucked recently. MacCentral scooped them on many of the announcements. Two years ago this would not have been the case. Is it me or have they just lost heart?
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He's taken kind of a beating recently (the "faked rumor" that he posted verbatim seems to have really hurt his credibility...). MacCentral appears to have had somebody onsite in Paris, so it's not surprising they'd get to it first. On the other hand, MacCentral's usually not much more than a press release regurgitator; MOS has had some pretty interesting stuff with regard to the PowerPC companies that (1) hasn't appeared anywhere else and (2) been surprisingly accurate...
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Anyone in the Mac industry can tell you that you can't faithfully believe anything that MOSR publishes. Some people think that Apple has purposely released mis-information to quell the credibility of sites like MOSR.
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I thought it lost its edge long ago and the general consensus was that it sucks and not to use it and that there are a thousand other options, some available for free that would serve your needs better.

Oh... I thought you said MacOS. My bad.
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Never mind the edge, CrackOSRumors lost its mind years ago.
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Yep, MOSR is a joke. Then again, so is this, but intentionally so.
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For my money, the only Apple rumors site worth the loading time is As The Apple Turns. If only because they don't take themselves too seriously--unlike MOSR, where every piece of information is treated as if it were nuclear secrets. And you gotta love the daily polls!
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