Tetrachloroethane does not attach to soil particles, and breaks down slowly in air or water.
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What kind of quiz-taker are you? Find out what kid of Internet quiz-taker you are. While you're at it, find out what Hummel figurine you are and which industrial solvent you are.
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i feel so rejected.

you are not a hummel figurine at all

is there a what kind of quiz are you quiz yet?
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It's helpful if you take these in the order: solvent, figurine and quiz-taker. I believe that gives you the most insight into the rising level of irate disgust that spinn was feeling as he put them together.
posted by jacquilynne at 8:48 AM on April 17, 2004

Don't forget the scooping cat litter quiz!

Check out the HTML for the hummel figurine results...
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We should have MetaTestFilter.

It could have a list of tests that have ben mentioned on MetaFilter, and users would rate whether they are very apt to take it, somewhat apt, not very apt, or not at all you can't make me take it. Results could range from "You're just willing to take any test at all, aren't you? Are you that desperate for validation?" to "Well heck, what made you decide to take this test anyway?"
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SOLV KK006, 200:
You are incompatible with strong oxidizing agents and strong inorganic acids. In accordance with California Proposition 65, you are required to inform California that you contain trace levels of acetaldehyde.

I am fulfilled.
posted by dazed_one at 11:16 AM on April 17, 2004

You are a water soluble, heavy duty detergent designed for industrial cleaning. You may be used effectively on metals, plastics, rubber or concrete, and can be diluted with up to eighty parts water. You emulsify and hold oily soil in suspension for rinsing or wiping.
posted by Grod at 12:37 PM on April 17, 2004

Call me SOYsolv®:
I am made from soybean oil, and am used in a wide range of applications, including asphalt release, mastic removal, and hydrocarbon cleaning. I'm biodegradable, and my flash point is >300°F, Pensky-Martens closed cup, and >650°F open cup.

Never liked that Pensky-Martens closed cup.
posted by wendell at 1:29 PM on April 17, 2004

hehe, I've been laughing at this all afternoon. I'm "Tidy Cat Scoop Cat Litter Odor Control Multi-Cat" brand litter!
posted by gd779 at 1:41 PM on April 17, 2004

ZEP DYNA 170°:
You are used when a low-VOC solvent degreaser is required, and are designed specifically for use in Zep's Brake Buggy and "Dyna" lines of parts washing systems. You have a relatively low evaporation rate. You are RCRA Non Hazardous and USDA authorized-K2.
posted by troutfishing at 1:42 PM on April 17, 2004

Monoethylene glycol:
You are miscible with water, alcohols, aldehydes and many organic compounds. You will not dissolve rubber, cellulose acetate or heavy vegetable and petroleum oils. You are 50% more hygroscopic than glycerol at room temperature.
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TECSOL A-2 Solvent, Anhydrous:You are an industrial solvent marketed as TECSOL Special Industrial Solvent by Eastman Chemical Company. You are available as both 95% and anhydrous. You are denatured with methyl alcohol and methyl isobutyl ketone.
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is there a what kind of quiz are you quiz yet?

Here's one: Which Internet Quiz Are You?
posted by Zonker at 4:47 AM on April 18, 2004

My favorite quiz:

the sugarmama.org blah blah quiz, what kind of blahblah are you?, compliments of sugarmama.
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