There IS a cabal
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World Domination LLC (is) a consortium of organizations devoted to the consolidation of global capital by a single cabal or individual, employing the tactics of terror and subterfuge...The most visible public face of our organization is
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I would enjoy this much more if it weren't a joke. I'd like to see an organization devoted to ultimate evil and global control that is both real and doomed to failure, instead of the one's around lately that are real and seem to be proceeding quite nicely.


Still, I did laugh a lot upon reading the list of "staff".

The Absolute Defender U.K.

Superhero turned supervillain
"Heroic Psychology" Consultant, World Domination LLC
Leader, Project Kill The Absolute Defender
Advertising Copywriter,

Powers: keen detection skills, and a variety of crime-fighting gadgets (in other words, none whatsoever)

"Gor blimey, one day I am a famous superhero -- I saved the world six times -- and the next some alien blighter on steroids starts calling himself 'The Absolute Defender,' and I'm bloody well forgotten. That over-muscled bastard will pay! You'll all pay!!!"
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I'd like to see an organization devoted to ultimate evil and global control

lazaruslong - I've been trying to form just such an organization but couldn't find anybody to join me. You in?
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Price: US$25,000,000 per metric ton CHEAP!!

Aren't solicitations for fradulent sales illegal (for Feds who don't get the obvious joke)?


Aren't solicitations for sales of weapons grade plutonium illegal (for Feds who don't get the obvious joke)?
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Besides, I think US $25 MM per metric ton would be VERY cheap indeed; I think you only need a a few tens of kg's to ruin millions of peoples' day.
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But ... I thought Bill Gates had already bought the rights to all the evil in the world. Man, there's some nasty legal fights ahead.
posted by MidasMulligan at 5:28 AM on April 18, 2004

nice. they have boreworms now.

i really should email these guys. since i just quit my job, now i have time to return to my original childhood dream -- total world domination!
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I just knew Amway and Archer/Daniels/Midland were in cahoots!
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There are already numerous groups that seek total global domination through nefarious schemes. The Men of Action are one. The A-List Cabal are another. I myself belong to a small group called The Anonymous Triumvirate that is really going places.
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Now THIS is a privacy policy:

Privacy Policy: reserves the right to obtain the e-mail address, name, location, blood type, political affiliation, dirty sexual secrets, and any other information of any kind about every visitor to this site, with or without their so-called "permission." We own you. However, and its parent cabal, World Domination LLC, will never share this information with any other person, cabal, corporation, or entity. It's ours. Our own. Our precious.

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