Yesterday's New York Times
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Yesterday's New York Times says Gore is still in the lead (story gone to New York Times archive hell). A story today says they two are neck-in-neck and Bush has lost his comfortable lead. Polls are worth about a nickel apiece when you burn them for firewood and can then turn down the thermostat.
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Did you mean Gore Builds State-by-State Edge on 9/13? It's still there. (They actually do keep lots of the politics articles around, but you have to go to the politics front page to find them.)

Note that yesterday's article was an overall state-by-state assessment, and the note today was strictly about Florida.

I actually think the polls are fairly accurate, as scientific polling goes, but they have their limitations. And I'm not happy that the media concentrate on them so much. But then, constantly twiddling polls are "news" and the traditional media are driven by the need to actually have a story every day.
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