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The Art Millenium "The Encyclopedia was founded in May 1999. It contains more than 15,000 pictures and overviews of about 1000 artists. Total size is 2.5 Gigabytes" I was there in their Collections looking at Graphics (Dore, Beardsley, Cranach, Durer, Giger), specifically all of Max Ernst's Une Semaine de Bonte. I have not begun to scratch the surface.
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nice, but sloooow
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Very cool.
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Yeah, the site is very graphics heavy. It even uses graphics for much of the navigation and indexes. Its not a very well-known site, oddly, but has tons and tons of content. And the graphics and its obscurity mean that its poorly indexed, even by Google.

I suggest this as something you put in your bookmarks and come back to when you are trying to find something specific or have lots of time and patience.
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