Salon interviews Neal Stephenson
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Every culture can be kind of defined by what they drink in order to avoid dying of diarrhea. In China it's tea. In Africa it's milk or animal blood. In Europe it was wine and beer. Salon talks with Neal Stephenson. [premium/free day pass]
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I was pondering linking this interview. It's quite interesting, especially given that I'm 2/3rds of the way through The Confusion, which is a good deal more action-packed than the first volume of the Baroque Cycle.

Stephenson has also begun updating the Metaweb with the ever-useful page annotations for The Confusion.
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Here's another recent interview from Wired.
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I'm a fan of Stephenson, and I'll be at the Festival of Books Sunday in Los Angeles when he will be. I've been to several of his signings over the years.

The net is full of interesting stuff when you google for neal stephenson.

Not the least of which is his disused home page.
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America is defined by Pepto-Bismol?
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Well falconred, potable water and nutrition are the main things that prevent us from being sick all the time. Stephenson's point is something about how to get H2O into our systems.
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America is defined by Pepto-Bismol?

Seems appropriate.
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I haven't gotten my copy of The Confusion yet...but I'm eagerly anticipating it. I had to read Quicksilver twice, just to make sure I hadn't missed anything. Thanks for the link...I just love Neal. :)
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I'll drink to that.
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[This is good.]
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