September 14, 2000
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I never understood folks who were into this until I equated them with antique car collectors.
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BTW, my first computer.
posted by Avogadro at 3:07 PM on September 14, 2000

My Amiga 500... sniff... Fourteen years ago I owned a computer that made every other box look like Fisher-Price stuff. I'll never forgive Commodore for being such relentlessly incompetent boobs.
posted by nikzhowz at 3:28 PM on September 14, 2000

Here's my first. It's still in my closet, actually, though I doubt it works because I kinda...altered the case with a hacksaw to get a 386 motherboard in it. I never did finish turning it into a 386...

I also have an Apple IIgs (two of them,'s a normal IIgs, the other is the Woz signature edition. If anyone wants either of them, lemme know, they're just taking up space), an Apple IIc in my closet, and an Apple IIe, which they don't have on their page, but 'most everybody knows what they are anyway.
posted by CrayDrygu at 4:02 PM on September 14, 2000

Ooh, a Woz IIgs! Hmmm...::dream dream:: I wonder if that could be made to do anything interesting these days. I always thought they were really cool-looking at the time. And since I was smart enough - or dumb enough - to get a Revision 0 Apple II Plus (hey, nobody told me there was going to be a Revision 1! Besides, I was 9 years old.), I ended up getting left behind in the latter half of the II's lifespan. I always wanted to go back and look at it again.
posted by aaron at 4:51 PM on September 14, 2000

Heh, I still have my first computer and 300 baud modem.

A friend of mine had the TI994A and the game Tunnels of Doom. That game had the dungeon movement of Bard's Tale and a combat system like Ultima. It was the seminal computer RPG.
posted by john at 5:22 PM on September 14, 2000

"I wonder if that could be made to do anything interesting these days."

Probably. You're only limited by your imagination, really. Good luck finding a copy of the GS/OS, though. The only place I found sold it preinstalled on hard drives for something like $100-$150.

It'll run Apple IIe progs just fine, though =)
posted by CrayDrygu at 5:57 PM on September 14, 2000

You kids today... I cut my teeth on the TRS-80 Model I. It's over in my folks' storage unit, and I could probably take it back to St. Louis with me if I didn't already have enough useless junk in my apartment.
posted by harmful at 7:58 PM on September 14, 2000

I wanted that TRS-80 so bad, ever since I saw them out-thinking Superman in little 9 page comicbook inserts of the era. I found out a few weeks back that the father of a friend of mine bought 8 of them thinking he could rig them to run parallel, creating some sort of 128k supercomputer. He is an EE who soaked his brain in acid, so you can see why it made sense to him.
posted by thirteen at 8:25 PM on September 14, 2000

My college roommate and I always talked about trying to create a massively-parallel set of Apple II Pluses, enough of them to run, well, something like MacOS 7.0.4. (This was ~1990/91.) We were usually drunk at those times.
posted by aaron at 10:23 PM on September 14, 2000

I just saw a link somewhere about people in Japan loving their Mac color classics so much for the design and small footprint, that they have upgraded them with new logic boards, making them g4's running OS9.x. Somebody even had one of three in the world transparent color classics that were used a promotional machines. Giving the iMac an atavistic look.
A friend of mine and myself have been talking about making an some analogue ram, we are figuring it will be 2'x4', there are a few problems obviously.
posted by thirteen at 10:35 PM on September 14, 2000

thirteen: I thought you were bullshitting about the mac colour, until I stumbled across this... ( free reg req)

as for analogue ram.. I question your coherency...
posted by Bane at 6:35 PM on September 15, 2000

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