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DREAM WORLD Given that green tea provides a more effective and environmentally-friendly method of preparing computer hard disks, pulsars are used to study gravitational waves with great precision, solar cells made from nanocrystals are found to be much more efficient, and scientists have discovered evidence for the earliest known wildfire in Earth's history, 443 to 417 million years ago, it would be hard to make the case that what we are living in is not, in fact, a Dreamworld.
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I hear the grinding noises, but I still can't see the axe.
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There is no spoon.
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We can't be. I only just got up.
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Well it's better than Disney World.
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To refute him is to become contaminated with unreality.
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This thread just gets weirder and weirder.
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Sometimes I wonder why I am alive. Then I see threads like this and wonder: am I even?
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No, you're odd.
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Point: falconred
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Why are we?
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Perhaps Mcgraw is an avid futurist and had the sudden realization that we are, in fact, living the future right now. Something that astounds me daily, personally.

The realm of human knowledge has moved beyond what our 5 senses can tell us and into theoretical realms where previously only science-fiction could take us.

What was once the province of dreams is now reality. A reality distanced from our 5 senses, occupying a place in our lives where we know it is real, yet can not detect the realness of it with our own senses.
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In conclusion, science is awesome.

I mean, what? How is a conglomeration of articles letting us know what the geniuses are up to The Best Of The Web? All-caps-each-letter-its-own-link-thing aside.
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Reality Rule #1: Don't follow rules.
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are we here?
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what does God say?
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Are we here? Are we unique? Are we something utterly special in the universe?
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The prodigal son is alive and well, and living in the front bedroom.
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We never see him. Treats his family like a hotel.
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cogito ergo exsulto
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Is this some new strain of viral marketing?
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who is spain? why is hitler? when is right? where was that stooped and mealy-colored old man i used to call poppa when the merry-go-round broke down? how was trump at munich? and, while i'm at it, where are the snowdens of yesteryear?
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I am too tired—wandering among all these, and these streets where the burning, burning, leaves the shattered and the toppling. Brick, no bridge because it takes so long, leaving, I haven't leaving. That I was following down the dark blood blots her glittering heel left on the blacktop. They slip into the V of my two shadows on the moon and George lit along the I walk on and kept. Leaving it. Twigs, leaves, bark bits along the shoulder, the hissing hills and the smoke, the long country cut with summer and no where to begin. In the direction, then, Broadway and train tracks, limping in the in the all the dark blots till the rocks, running with rusty water following beside the broken mud gleaming on the ditch edge, with the trees so over so I went into them and thought
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Dude! Like whoa!
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I've had the pleasure of being told by mcgraw himself that I live in a dream world. Not once, but twice. And can I just say, it's very nice. I can see my house from here!
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As dreamworlds go, turaho, we're next-door neighbors. The postcard doesn't have far to travel, man. Cheers.
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I never wrote this.
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