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Images is a webzine devoted to pop culture new and old, particularly dealing with film and television. Along with their reviews of current releases is a growing archive of essays on varying topics such as blaxploitation films from the seventies, or film from throughout the world. Dare I post their list of The 30 Best Westerns?
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I read four of the articles/reviews and was ready to throw the laptop across the room. I'm sure the site would be ideal for some folks but good christ it made me think that the writers were so busy watching movies they forgot to live. The pieces I read (mulholland drive, hud/midnight cowboy, sexy beast, dogville) were so devoid of anything except academic analysis--well, they just made me angry. These people seem so concerned with being right in their analysis that they're missing the damn movie! (At least the Hud/MC piece was informed from a filmic perspective. The others were disasters.) I can imagine them sitting, watching the films with little notepads, their minds racing around like a ball in a pinball machine.
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It was interesting--who knew there was a show called Way Out that went further than Twilight Zone/Outer Limits/etc? Thanks, evstar.
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I agree with most of the 30 Best Westerns [although they missed the one in Manitou Springs, Colorado with the really nice pool].

Oddly, none of the films of Larry McMurtry's work appear to be in the top 30. C'mon, Hud??? "Horseman Pass By" was a great book.

He's pissed off a lot of the fans of the genre by writing "Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen" and other books that make clear that Western should be retitled "Cowboy Fantasy".
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For a more emotionally resonant look at blacksploitation films, there's a nice interview with Jack Hill, the director of Coffy and Foxy Brown (among others) on
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Thanks, I enjoyed this a great deal.
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Hey, that's a nice site. Thanks!
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